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why wrapping my yacht?

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  Fast design and execution of tasks


The implementation of vinyl for dressing a boat can be achieved in considerably less time than is required to prepare for a change in the traditional way of painting. Painting is out of the ordinary, vinyl is the new, fast, quality way to rebuild your craft.

  Attractive appearance

New fantastic colors. See our new colors. We also choose vinyls with special effects (eg carbon, pearl, brushed metal, satin, matt ...) achieve visual effects that paint can not achieve.

  Saving money


The price of the package is considerably lower than the price of the paint and the indirect savings (parking cost) arise from the minimum time you will stay out of water.

   Adding value to your boat


Dressing increases the value of your boat and makes it much more marketable when sold.




In addition to the aesthetic effects, vinyl protects against UV rays and all weather conditions. It will not let the gel coat grow older and get worse.


   Vinyl sticker



  • Much cheaper than color.

  • High quality and consistent finishing, without discoloration.

  • Unlimited customization options.

  • Easy to maintain - No need for polishing.

  • Hides all scratches, fading and discoloration.

  • More eco-friendly.

  • Increases resale.

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