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vinyl yacht's finishes & detailing 

Technowrap is a leading Yacht and Superyacht yacht installer specializing in the installation of advanced vinyl placement solutions.

The technowrap story began when a small sailing boat owner, Lefteris, dealt with in 2003 and developed into the graphic design sector and specifically in the field of shipping, designing project and graphics for companies as well as for individual boats. Having collaborated for a number of years with a company in the field of print and advertising, it became clear that the position was a little further. With its frenzy of fury to engage in the sea and his ideas on visual craft operations, he created the idea of ​​a technowrap that had to be developed.

From our first projects to the ones we are working on now, our business has developed from people t people and professional recommendations, mainly through the relationships we grow with boat owners and shipyards all over Greece who respect and trust the work we do. With offices that serve the Aegean Sea, technowrap has a truly national presence.


The technowrap "child" now is Drogitis Marine, a family-run business with family values. We are proud to offer the highest levels of service to our customers. Partners of the leading companies (3M, Avery, HEXIS, VViViD, Mactac etc), we are delighted with any requirement for detasiling your boat.

paint protection
Design | Costum Graphics 

Whether you want to add your own personality, either for promotional purposes or to promote a sponsor, there may not be a better way to give your boat a unique personality by adding customized characters. Pinstripes and bootstripes can make your boat look lower and longer by breaking the side. Choose from many colors.


At technowrap, we are able to manage this process in our offices and apply it to your premises. We have our own professional designers, large vinyl printers, vinyl cutters and plasticizers to ensure that your idea is implemented perfectly and that the end result is exactly what you wanted to achieve.

Deck Wrapping | Stripping 

Top Teak is a revolutionary product designed to offer an attractive, durable, non-slip, customized finish to the outside areas of the boats.

Offering shock resistance and shock absorption, Top Teak offers not only excellent traction, but also reduces fatigue caused by a long stay in a humid and sunny environment. Top Teak also protects your deck from scratches, cracks and bumps.

Wrapping | Tinting 

One of our most common solutions.

A complete color change on the boat, or perhaps the same color, only with a new look to cover the oxidized gelcoat or paint and to remove the need for cutting and polishing. Avoid a nautical color job!

Matte & Metallic Wraps

This is a very popular choice. Metal is a beautiful way to be slightly different from everything else, as most boats are standard in white or blue.

Protective tape.

Vinyl technology has given us choices of various impact and friction resistance films for use in parts of the boat with great wear such as the back of the steps to avoid damage or around the exhaust for easy removal of smoke stains.

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